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PathWays PA was founded in 1978 as the Women’s Association for Women’s Alternatives. It served as one of Pennsylvania’s first residential programs to keep low-income, vulnerable women together with their children and has grown to become one of the Greater Philadelphia Region’s foremost providers of residential and community-based services for women, children and families. Each year over 4,500 women, children and families benefit from our full complement of social services; job training and employment assistance; as well as outreach and residential programs as they move along the path to self-sufficiency.

With offices throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and advocacy initiatives on behalf of low-wage workers statewide, PathWays PA provides programs committed to the development of client self-sufficiency which leads to the fulfillment of our mission:

To help women, teens, children and families achieve economic independence and family well-being.

For more information on PathWays PA, please visit our website, www.pathwayspa.org, or one of our associated pages:

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