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Protect Eligibility for Disability Benefits

Last year, the Social Security Administration stated that it wants to change eligibility rules for disability benefits.

Under the proposal, SSA would add 2.6 million eligibility reviews in the next ten years. They would also establish a new eligibility category. Currently, when someone qualifies for disability, they end up in one of three categories:  Medical improvement expected (reviewed every 6-18 months)Medical improvement not expected (reviewed every 5-7 years)Medical improvement possible (reviewed every 3 years) The Social Security Administration proposes adding a new category, "medical improvement likely," which is expected to include 4.4 million recipients. Many of these recipients will be children and people aged 50-65 with poor health and no income. If placed in this category, people will get reviews every two years.
Navigating the disability process, including reviews, is already challenging. The process can take 2-3 years in some cases, and people often have to app…