News and Actions to #ProtectMigrantChildren

800x520 USA MAP TOPOThe news coming from our southern borders this past week has been among the worst we've had - and it was already bad. Below is a summary of what we've seen this week:

On Tuesday, June 18, the President announced that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would begin mass deportations on June 23. That process has been "delayed" two weeks to give Congress time to take action, according to a recent tweet. That same day, the government argued in court that they were not required to give soap or toothbrushes to detained children.

Meanwhile, lawyers and others who have visited border facilities are reporting inhumane and dangerous conditions. These lawyers say detained children at a border station in Clint, Texas, have had no access to showers, laundry facilities, toothbrushes, or soap. Children at the facility are reportedly caring for each other. One attorney warned of a "pervasive health crisis" where "virtually everyone we saw was ill."

Advocates on the scene say children were being held beyond the maximum 20 day time reached in a court settlement, that there was a shortage of beds, and that children had inadequate clothing. (The Administration is also trying to change the agreement that, among other things, limits the time children can be detained and requires monitoring of detention facilities.) Another group of lawyers have said they found similar conditions at 6 other Texas facilities. 

While many children were removed from the Clint facility this week, over 100 returned on June 25. Shortly after, the Customs and Border Protections acting commissioner announced his resignation, to be effective in early July.

After a request from the White House for emergency border funding, the House is now considering a $4.5 billion aid package for migrants at the border. CBS News reports that the bill would increase protections and health services for migrant children and strengthen rules at temporary shelters without funding a border wall or additional beds. The Senate will be voting on a different aid package this week that has more bipartisan support.

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