Here's what you can do as the shutdown continues

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The government shutdown that began in December 2018 is now the longest in US history. Over 800,000 federal workers are missing paychecks, while millions more contract employees continue to go without work. The New York Times has an ongoing list of people and departments affected by the shutdown, including workers who have been called back to their government jobs to work without pay. CBS News reports that the shutdown has already done $1.2 billion in damage to the national economy. You can find more information on the impact from the Coalition for Human Needs (CHN).

Among those affected by the shutdown are SNAP (food stamp) recipients. While they received their February payments early, there is currently no guarantee that March benefits will be available. People relying on HUD for housing are also being affected, as over 1,000 contracts with housing facilities have not been renewed due to the shutdown.

Take Action:
  • CHN has information on the shutdown and a sample script for making calls.
  • Use Project Home's online form to contact your legislators about the impact the shutdown is having on housing. 
  • The National Air Traffic Controllers Association has put together an action alert available here.
  • has information on a bill to support furloughed workers during a shutdown. You can read more and take action here.
  • Support furloughed workers:
    • GoFundMe is raising money for organizations that are helping workers directly.
    • You can also reach out directly to the National Diaper Bank or your local food bank.
    • Some banks, cell phone companies, and businesses are working with furloughed workers - read a partial list here.
    • ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, JFCS will distribute vegetarian food to families and individuals affected by the shutdown. Government employees in need of food are able to come to The Barbara and Harvey Brodsky Enrichment Center of JFCS, 345 Montgomery Ave., Bala Cynwyd, PA on Thursday, January 24th, from 10 AM-noon to get food. Bring a valid government ID.
    • Temple and Penn are offering free dental care to furloughed workers.


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