Supporting Pittsburgh, and supporting refugees

On Saturday, Pittsburgh became one of the latest sites of gun violence in our country. At the Tree of Life Synagogue, 11 people were killed and 6 people injured after a shooter opened fire. Online postings that are being attributed to the shooter include rants against refugees, the Jewish community, and the organization HIAS, among others.

PathWays PA mourns for all those in Pittsburgh and all those affected by this shooting. We also stand with communities that support refugees, immigrants, and diversity. 

Our partner in Pittsburgh, the Women and Girls Foundation, wrote a beautiful letter which we encourage you all to read. They also suggested a number of actions which we've listed below.. Finally, they - and we - encourage you to use your vote to make a difference on November 6.

Take Action and Find Resources (from the Women and Girls Foundation and others)
If you need more resources, please check out this list shared by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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