Protect Trans Rights

Philadelphia Pride FlagAccording to the New York Times, the Department of Health and Human Services plans to create a legal definition of sex within Title IX. This definition will limit gender to male or female, depending on one's genitals at birth, and will be considered unchangeable.

This action, if fulfilled, puts many people's health and well-being at risk, including those are transgender or non-binary. Civil rights protections, especially for people living in states without their own gender nondiscrimination laws, would be rolled back. Even as the medical community is issuing new guidelines for helping people who identify as transgender, this change in definition could lead to the end of important research and possibly the denial of healthcare.

Take Action

(These actions are from our friends at PolicyLink)

  • Contact senior Administration officials. Let them know that you are opposed to any proposed rule that would strip transgender — or any — people of their civil rights and other protections.
  • Call your Congressional Representatives and tell them to pass the Equality Act now — a bill currently in Congress that would explicitly enshrine civil rights protections for transgender individuals. Dial the Capitol switchboard for number or connection, if needed: 202-224-3121.
  • Join rallies and demonstrations in your local communities. Or organize your own.


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