Quick Takes on Big Topics

It's another action packed week, and we don't want to miss anything that's going on. So here are some short takes on big topics:
  • Families Belong Together: As of September 12, the federal government was housing 12,800 detained migrant children - according to the New York Times, this is the highest number ever recorded. Not only are more children being held, but fewer are being released, and children are now staying in detention for an average of 59 days. Meanwhile, the Administration is continuing to advocate for the long-term detention of children - in this case, with their families.
    • Take Action: Call your members of Congress at 202-224-3121. Here's a sample script: "Hello, my name is ________ and I live in (your zip code). I'm calling to ask you to create a plan to end the detention of immigrant children. Nearly 13,000 children are currently detained."
    • Support organizations like Project LifeLine that work on behalf of immigrant children in detention. As always, make sure you research any organization before you donate to it.
  • Tax Cuts 2.0: It's flying under the radar among the other news, but it appears that the House will vote on a new tax package next year that makes last year's tax cuts permanent. If passed, this bill would funnel 65% of the tax cuts to the richest 20% of Americans. Legislators plan to pay for tax cuts by cutting education and social service programs. 
  • Local Interference: For the fifth year in a row, legislators in Harrisburg are trying to interfere with local laws around paid sick days. The latest bill, HB 861, would stop cities and counties from passing any laws related to employers, including paid sick days and gender nondiscrimination. It would also roll back laws passed since 2015.


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