Make Calls to Prevent Discrimination Against LGBT Families and Youth

On July 11, members of the House added the Aderholt Amendment to a Labor-HHS Appropriations bill. If the bill goes into law with this amendment, it could harm children in the child welfare and foster care system and turn away qualified adoptive and foster parents.

Under the Aderholt Amendment, states that refuse to give money to discriminatory providers could see their child welfare budget cut by up to 15%. This amendment would allow child welfare providers to receive taxpayer dollars even when they refuse to serve qualified potential parents based on their marital status, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.

Providers who discriminate against the children themselves would also be able to receive money under this amendment, even if they:

  • deny service to LGBT youth, 
  • force youth to hide their gender identity, 
  • allow youth to be subjected to medically debunked practices like conversion therapy
Take Action:
  • Senator Wyden has been circulating a letter opposing this amendment. Please call your Senator and ask them to sign on if the letter is still open. The Child Welfare League of America has a call script available here.
  • CWLA also has an action alert asking people to call the Labor HHS Appropriations Committee to oppose the amendment. A phone script and sample tweet are available here.
  • Sign on to an organizational letter opposing the amendment by July 26
  • Read a policy brief on the amendment here


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