More on what we can do to stop family separation

(Updated June 19, 2018)

Here are more resources to help you take action against the separation of family members entering the United States (read our post from last week for the original information). Thanks especially to Families Belong Together for your comprehensive list of information.

**Here's what's happening. The Guardian put together a Q and A that you can read here. According to this article, migrant families crossing the border illegally, even if they are seeking asylum, may now be criminally prosecuted under a new policy put in place this April. If the families come with children, the children are separated from their parents while the parents are held in federal jail. Children then wait to be reunified with their parents or to be sent to relatives or sponsors. According to The Guardian, this wait can take weeks or months. News reports from this weekend show some of the facilities for children and a copy of the handout given to parents when their children are removed.**

  • Contact your elected officials. Dial 202-224-3121 to reach any member of Congress, or use a tool created by the League of Women Voters. The ACLU and American Immigration Lawyers Association also have call tools that you can use.
    • Here is a sample script from Families Belong Together: Hello, my name is _________. I live in _________, and you represent me. I am calling to demand that you speak out against and work to end the horrific policy of separating families seeking refuge and asylum in the United States. I want you to know that, as a voter, I am paying attention to your voting record on this issue. Families belong together.
    • Congress is debating two immigration bills this week. although neither address the family separation policy or DACA. You can read more on the immigration bills and how to take action here.
  • Donate. A number of organizations are working to protect and/house children being detained. ACLUWomen's Refugee Commission, and others are working on this issue. Slate put together a long list here. A church in McAllen, Texas, is also accepting Amazon Wishlist donations. Please be sure to research the organization you choose before you donate!
  • Families Belong Together Rally. Plans are coming together for a rally in DC and at locations nationwide on June 30
  • Join Lunchtime for Change on June 20 (or any day). Join a virtual event by taking actions during your lunch break. 
  • Act locally. Children and families aren't just detained at the border - some of the detentions are taking place right here in Pennsylvania. Follow the Campaign to Shut Down Berks for more information and to take action. 


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