We Still Need to Make Calls on Work Requirements

Save Medicaid + its a matter of life and Death
From our friends at PHAN

The PA House passed HB 2138, the bill that would force families and individuals who rely on Medicaid to file endless paperwork to prove that they work or are exempt from the law. If there's an error, people could be locked out of Medicaid for months at a time.

Not only would this cruel bill strip more than 85,000 of their health coverage, it would cost Pennsylvania taxpayers $3.4 billion over 6 years just to create new red tape for folks who rely on Medicaid. (You can read more about the bill in our post from mid-April.)

Take Action:
  • May 2nd is a statewide Day of Action to protect Medicaid. PHAN will be in Harrisburg from 11-3: sign up to join them here.
  • Call your state Senator to show your opposition to Medicaid cuts and work requirements. PHAN has a sample script:
    • I'm calling today to ask Senator _____________ to oppose adding work requirements and making cuts to Medicaid. The latest attack on Medicaid, House Bill 2138, creates expensive red tape and added government bureaucracy that will trap working families and cut their coverage over paperwork errors. Instead of spending $3.4 billion over six years on making cuts to Medicaid, lawmakers should focus on bringing real jobs and affordable coverage to Pennsylvania. Please vote no on House Bill 2138 and any bill that would cut people off Medicaid. 
  • Check out our post on SNAP work requirements and take action here.


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