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May 30 is Mom's Equal Pay Day!

On May 30, 2018, we "celebrate" the date when the earnings of all moms catch up to the earnings of all dads - from the previous year. That's right - it takes moms 17 months to earn the same amount that dads do in 12.
In the United States, mothers earn 71 cents of every dollar paid to fathers, even though 70% of US families have income from a working mother.  Over their lifetime, mothers with one child earn 28% less compared to childless women. That comes out to a median loss of $1,278 per month. 
Women and families are not jeopardized by the lack of income during a mother's working life - the lack of pay equity follows mothers into retirement, where they have less money in Social Security and less saved for retirement.
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Make Calls Today and Tomorrow to Protect SNAP

The House of Representatives is taking calls this week about the latest draft of the Farm Bill, which includes many changes to the SNAP (food stamp) program. A vote is expected sometime this week.

Under the proposed law, parents of children 6 and up will be required to work at least 25 hours per week in order to qualify for SNAP. Adults age 50-59 will face the same work requirements (currently, adults age 18-49 who are not raising minor children must work 20 hours per week to meet SNAP requirements). Adults would need to certify their work status monthly, creating and expensive and unnecessary bureaucracy in each state.

Income eligibility will also decrease so that SNAP will only be available to families earning 130% or less of the federal poverty level. For a family of four, this means earning around $33,000 per year.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, these changes will cause over 1 million households (including over 2 million people) to lose access to SNAP or s…

We Still Need to Make Calls on Work Requirements

From our friends at PHAN

The PA House passed HB 2138, the bill that would force families and individuals who rely on Medicaid to file endless paperwork to prove that they work or are exempt from the law. If there's an error, people could be locked out of Medicaid for months at a time.

Not only would this cruel bill strip more than 85,000 of their health coverage, it would cost Pennsylvania taxpayers $3.4 billion over 6 years just to create new red tape for folks who rely on Medicaid. (You can read more about the bill in our post from mid-April.)

Take Action:
May 2nd is a statewide Day of Action to protect Medicaid. PHAN will be in Harrisburg from 11-3: sign up to join them here.Call your state Senator to show your opposition to Medicaid cuts and work requirements. PHAN has a sample script:I'm calling today to ask Senator _____________ to oppose adding work requirements and making cuts to Medicaid. The latest attack on Medicaid, House Bill 2138, creates expensive red tape an…

Stop SNAP work requirements

HB 1659, which would expand work requirements on SNAP and cause nearly 100,000 people to lose access to food stamps, went back to the Appropriations Committee yesterday. But even though it is off the table for now, there is a good chance it will come back.

[EDIT 5/2/18: This bill came back out of Appropriations yesterday and was voted on by the full House. It now moves on to the Senate.]

In most cases, SNAP recipients must already work or participate in a training program if they are ages 18-50, non-disabled, and not considered "vulnerable individuals" (one example of a vulnerable individual would be someone living in an area with a high-unemployment rate).   According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the work rate for people receiving SNAP is and has been growing. More than 80 percent of SNAP households work the year before or after receiving SNAP.

SNAP works to keep children, families, and individuals fed, and to bridge the gap between jobs. It supplements wor…