Senate Health Care Bill Advocacy Actions

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As we have previously mentioned on this blog, the Senate has recently released their upcoming Health Care Bill. The bill was not voted on, but the details are now available to the public. The Senate is currently in recess for this week which makes this an ideal time to be vocal about the effect the bill will have. Whether it is to family, friends, the public or directly to your legislators, this is a great opportunity to educate and inform about the implications of the bill.

The Senate bill currently retains caps on Medicaid which would harm millions of children, seniors and individuals who are disabled. Below are ways that you can continue to be active around the Senate Health Care Bill, including daily actions you can do and upcoming events you participate in.

Things you can do every day this week:
  • Call Senator Casey and Senator Toomey and ask them to reject the Senate bill. Tell them how it would affect your child and/or cause millions of Americans, including children, to lose coverage.
  • Call your House member and share your thoughts on the bill.
  • Make a video describing why Medicaid is important to your child/family. Post it on your social media – and send it to PCCY ( or PA Health Access Network (PHAN) ( to spread it further.
  • Write a letter to the editor at your local paper.
  • Facebook, Tweet, Instagram to your House member using the tags #MeetMedicaidPA as well as a new one #PASpeaksOut. 
  • Send an email to legislators asking them to protect Medicaid sponsored by Project Home -
  • Ask at least one other person to take one of the actions mentioned above.

Special Events you can participate in this week:
  • July 6 - "PA Speaks Out Open Air Town Halls"
    PHAN and POWER have organized a series of out in the open town halls from 8am to 8pm for people to share stories of how the bills would impact them/their family or people they serve. To participate, go to
  • July 7 - Senator Bob Casey Press Conference on Health CareSenator Casey will be at Philadelphia City Hall at 10 AM to discuss the health bill. Please RSVP to


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