Funding Eliminated for Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Title X

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations Subcommittee (Labor-HHS-ED) passed a spending bill for the 2018 fiscal year (FY18) that provide important funding for youth homelessness programs. The bill has positives and negatives which will effect important programs that impact youth and young adults experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Some of the details of this legislation are as follows:
  • Maintain $119 million for Runaway and Homeless Youth Act programs;
  • Maintains $77 million for Education for Homeless Children and Youth Act grants;
  • Makes cuts to important workforce development funding including the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Adult and Youth formula funding streams by about 5%, Reintegration of Ex-Offender Grants by 7% and SCSEP by 25%;
  • Completely eliminates the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program, currently funded at $101 million, and Title X Family Planning Program, currently funded at $286.5 million.
Cutting the TPP and Title X are important programs that provide young women education and resources that give them the flexibility to decide when, if and how they get pregnant.

Click here to find more concrete steps about what you can do to take action to support the TPP and Title X.

The House Appropriations Committee will consider the bill put forward by the Labor-HHS-ED bill later this week and send it on to the full House of Representatives, likely without any significant changes.The legislation still needs to be approved by the full House as well as the Senate before it becomes an official law. As of now, there is no certain timing for Senate consideration of their version of the FY18 spending bill.

Later this week, the House Budget Committee will vote on a federal budget for FY18. Details are not currently available, however it appears that this budget is going to include 'reconciliation' instructions to enable a sped up legislative process that will make cuts to important safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare. More information about the potential impact of these cuts can be found here. If the budget is passed by the full House and the Senate, the budget will also set up future funding levels that the Appropriations Committee will work from while they write their FY18 spending bills.


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