Another Attempt at Healthcare Repeal and Replace

House of RepresentativesUPDATE 4/27/17 - Some reports are making the rounds that a vote could be held in the House as early as Friday or Saturday of this week. If you have thoughts on the bill, now is a good time to weigh in.

On Capitol Hill today, members of the Freedom Caucus announced their support for the latest version of healthcare reform. An amendment drafted by Rep. Tom MacArthur of NJ would let states opt out of certain ACA provisions. The waivers primarily affect current protections for people with preexisting conditions, a term that covered everything from allergies to cancer.

House Majority Leader Ryan says that even with Freedom Caucus support, he is not prepared to hold a vote until the bill has enough support to pass.

For more on repeal and replace, check out our blog from a few weeks ago. And, if you want to share your thoughts on the law, call your Representative. Visit to find contact information for your Representative and make a call today.


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