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13 Days Till the Election!

Whether you're obsessed with the election or ready for it to be over, your vote still matters on Election Day. As we approach November 8, here's some information to help you prepare for casting your ballot.

***If you have any issues on Election Day, please call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. 

Issues may include (but are not limited to): being told the wrong date/time to vote; not being allowed to cast a provisional ballot; being intimidated or challenged at the polls. 

Be sure to bring this number with you when you vote!***

The following information is for people who are registered to vote in Pennsylvania.
If you live in another state, or have questions that are not answered in this post, please visit or

Who is Running for Office?

On November 8, you can vote for President, US Senator, State Attorney General, and several other races. Pennsylvania will also have at least one ballot question regarding the retirement age for judges. You may be able to…

Why Banning Salary Histories May Help Pay Equity

Pay discrimination is an ongoing issue for Pennsylvania’s women. At the current rate of wage growth, it will take another 40 years (at least) before women and men earn the same amount. One step in addressing wage inequality is ensuring that a history of low salaries does not follow a woman into a new workplace.

Women’s wages are lower than men’s from the first year out of college. At that point, women working full time earn an average of $35,296 while men earn $42,918. These lower wages are compounded when women (or men of color) apply for new jobs and are asked to share their pay history. Instead of starting the new job on an equal footing, they enter with a lower salary because it was based on their previous employment. Then, after another year of work, their wages are unlikely to grow at the same rate as men’s wages. As women get older, the wage gap continues to grow.

If employers stop asking for salary histories, workers will gain the ability to earn what their work is actually wor…