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Free Teleclass: Increase Your Productivity with the Secret Power of Visual Note Taking

From our friends at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women: Can you really draw your way to success? Heather Willems, co-founder of ImageThink and co-author of Draw Your Big Idea will prove you can in this 30-minute teleclass where she explains the secret power of visuals for achieving your goals in the workplace. Willems will offer techniques to harness your creativity and master success using nothing more than your basic drawing skills. Learn how to clarify complex ideas, spark creativity, solve problems and propel your productivity to the next level—all from picking up a pen.Join us on Tuesday, July 26th at 1 pm Eastern for this call-in event. The day of the call, follow along and share your own highlights on Twitter using @PennWomen and #PennWomen.Heather Willems, co-founder of ImageThink, has a passion for making connections. Whether she is developing client relationships, leading workshops, or speaking about visual thinking, she loves supporting people’s personal and professional…

Join a National Twitter Chat on the #HousingGap

From our friends at the National Low Income Housing Coalition:
NLIHC will host a Twitter chat on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 2:00 pm EST to discuss the findings from its newly released reports, The GAP: Affordable Housing Gap Analysis 2016 and Out of Reach 2016. The 30-minute chat will provide participants an opportunity to engage in a conversation about the shortage of affordable and available housing for extremely low income households and the mismatch between prevailing wages and rents throughout the country. The chat will also discuss policy solutions to address the housing affordability crisis in America. Participants will be able to ask questions to NLIHC’s President and CEO Diane Yentel and Vice President Research Andrew Aurand about NLIHC’s research, the state of affordable housing in America, and practical solutions. The Coalition’s official Twitter account is @NLIHC and the hashtag for the Twitter chat is #HousingGap.
Read NLIHC’s Gap Report at:…

We Won't Wait!

We Won’t Wait is a national movement of women taking our families’ concerns from the kitchen table to the voting booth, and transforming our communities one conversation at a time. We Won’t Wait represents and advocates for women of color, low-income women, and immigrant women across the issues that impact our lives and seeks to shine a light on the intersection of those issues — from immigration to paid leave, from mass incarceration to voting rights. — to ensure that our voices are the ones setting the agenda and defining the narrative.

If you're done waiting for your concerns to take precedence, sign the pledge saying you will:
Call for a comprehensive economic agenda that spells real change for you and your familyEngage your community to encourage others to vote so our voices are heard.Commit to making sure the issues that matter to you stay at the top of the agenda after the November election.Sign the pledge today!