Stopping Payday Predators: New Report and Webinar

Three organizations (ACCE, NJCU and ISAIAH) are releasing a report today about women and debt called “Pinklining: How Wall Street’s Predatory Products are Pillaging Women’s Wealth, Opportunities and Futures.” “Pinklining" refers to aggressive lending by banks and the finance industry disproportionately harming women, and particularly women of color. The report focuses in on payday, student and mortgage lending and is available here.

At the end of the month, another organization will turn its attention to predatory lending as well. On Thursday, June 30 at 2 pm EDT, CFED will host a webinar to explain how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new proposed regulations aimed at curbing the most abusive practices of the small-dollar lending industry will work and the implications for state-level rule-making. They will also discuss what you can do during the comment period to stay engaged and support the Bureau’s efforts, including engaging with the #ConsumersCantWait campaign. Register here.


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