Women's Media Training: A Narrative for Women and Work in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York

From our friends at CWW

In a collaborative effort, the Center for Innovation in Worker Organizing and the Center for Women and Work at the Rutgers University School of Labor and Employment Relations is pleased to announce a two-day Gender Justice media training workshop. The training will be held in New Brunswick at the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center on Feb. 24 - 25th, 2015 and will be conducted by the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Jobs With Justice, and the Scholars Strategy Network. Women faculty, union leaders and members and community leaders are invited to participate. The two-day training will equip participants to participate in the public discourse on a range of state and local labor issues. 
Day One of the training will focus on building a new narrative about women and work. Day Two will hone in on writing that narrative as an op-ed. In partnership with other groups, we will actively seek opportunities for the trainees to place op-eds connected to a specific campaign or key issue in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and the surrounding region.
The application deadline is February 3rd. We aim to have a total of 15 -20 participants that will include women faculty, union leaders, rank-and-file members, and community-based leaders. For those attending the training, all travel and lodging expenses will be paid.
To apply, please send a one-page statement of interest, including a paragraph about yourself and your work, and a paragraph describing why this media training would be helpful in advancing your work and that of your institution. Preference will be given to those based in NJ, PA and NY. Please email the statement to Erin Johansson a erin@jwj.org
Planning Committee: Terri Boyer, Rutgers University; Bailey Dick, Jobs With Justice; Avi Green, Scholars Strategy Network; Erin Johansson, Jobs With Justice; Paola Maynard-Moll, Scholars Strategy Network; Amaya Smith, AFL-CIO; Marilyn Sneiderman, Rutgers University; Emily E. L.B. Twarog, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Naomi Walker, AFSCME; Betsy Wood, Institute for Policy Studies.


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