Join Us for an #EITCAwareness Twitter Storm!

EITC Awareness Day is next week, and you're invited to join us for a Twitter Storm to celebrate!

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal tax credit. It reduces or eliminates taxes for workers under a certain income, and in many cases actually gives them money back!

Here's a few more facts:

  • For the 2014 tax year 27.5 million taxpayers received about $66.7 billion in EITC 
  • The average amount of EITC received nationwide last year was more than $2,400 
  • EITC is for workers whose income does not exceed the following limits in tax year 2015: 
    • $47,747 ($53,267 married filing jointly) with three or more qualifying children 
    • $44,454 ($49,974 married filing jointly) with two qualifying children 
    • $39,131 ($44,651 married filing jointly) with one qualifying child 
    • $14,820 ($20,330 married filing jointly) with no qualifying children 
      • Investment income in all cases must be $3,400 or less

We'll be online sharing information from 1-2 PM on Friday, January 29. You can find sample tweets here.

You can also sign up to get your taxes done for free with PathWays PA at


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