New Polls on Paid Sick Time

Hospital room ubtNew light has been shed on the debate over paid sick time. Thanks to the CDC and Small Business Majority's recent polls, new statistics about employers’ opinions on earned sick time have been made public. Here are the findings:

The Center for Disease Control estimated that 60% of employed men and women had access to paid sick time. Approximately 89% of men and women in the public administration sector received sick time, whereas in the fields of agriculture, forestry, and fishing, only 23% of employees earned time.

Small Business Majority's poll displayed that 50% of small business owners support an updated bill. A 54% majority of micro-businesses are for reform. 29% of small businesses offer flexible home-workings schedules and 71% of employers state that they would permit workers to take time for their children's school activities. In addition, approximately 52% of small businesses offer their employees vacation time.

Small business owners rely on a bond between their employees and themselves. It is believed by many that a happy work force is a productive work force. Want to get involved? Go to and contact your local legislators in order to show your support for earned sick time!

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