Supporting the Industry Partnership Program

One of the best public/private partnerships, Industry Partnerships for Workforce Training, help ensure Pennsylvania's industries and workers have the necessary skills to compete in the global economy.

Industry Partnerships (IPs) are coordinated efforts between the state, industries, and local workforce investment boards that target the needs of regional industry clusters. The role of IPs is to identify skill gaps and other workforce needs of the targeted industry sector and to oversee the design and delivery of services to meet those needs. IPs aim to improve job quality by educating workers in skills that pay well and are in short supply, by helping managers learn from each other in adopting competitive human resource practices that improve job quality and career advancement, and by launching training and career initiatives. Since 2005, more than 100,000 Pennsylvanians have participated in Pennsylvania's well-regarded IP programs.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Healthcare Alliance (SEPHA), managed by PathWays PA has trained over 1,000 Pennsylvania workers since the inception of the Industry Partnership program. In this year alone, we are on track to train over 150 workers, Because of this work, local clinical workers can better meet the growing need to properly care for patients suffering from dementia, and occupational therapists can now use the latest technology in their field. Workers have earned the certifications and skills required to advance in their careers. This year’s trainings were conducted at an average cost of $484 per student.

In our economy, business needs are always changing. Industry Partnerships help Pennsylvania’s workforce stay educated, successful and ready to work in needed sectors. Please ask your legislators to consider more funding so that our economy can continue to benefit from this needed program.

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