Letters: Vets' 'Sniper'-like post-combat lives

American-flag-2aThis was written by Clay Fitch, Senior Grantwriter at PathWays PA. For the full article, please visit http://bit.ly/1DjeVtg.

LAST MONTH the movie "American Sniper" opened nationwide with a record box office of $90 million, shattering previous box-office records for January releases. Since its release some controversy has surrounded the movie, and much of the coverage of the movie lately has been related to these controversies.

What is lost in this coverage, and much of the discussion of the movie, is the very real depiction of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's struggles with transitioning to civilian life.


Kyle's struggles are not fiction, nor are they unique. There are thousands of veterans across the Greater Philadelphia region who have come home from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, or even stateside, who are now facing the challenges of transitioning to life as a civilian, including gaining civilian employment.


Veterans often benefit from support in negotiating these multiple transitions. Programs like PathWays PA's HeroesPath - offering veterans a single point of contact and "no wrong door" approach to accessing education, job training, public benefits and key supportive services - play a critical role in ensuring a successful transition. HeroesPath provides veterans with customized, comprehensive guidance through the transition into civilian life and employment.

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