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The Importance of FAMILY

It happens to almost everyone. Sometimes, the need to take family leave is for the happiest of all reasons, such as the birth or adoption of a child. And at other times, we need to take leave for the scariest of reasons, like a cancer diagnosis or a car accident. But when one of these or thousands of other scenarios come up, most working people in the United States have no access to paid family leave. Taking the time to care means putting jobs and economic security at risk in a time when most families can ill afford it.

Last year, Congressional Leaders introduced the FAMILY Act, which would give workers the opportunity to continue earning some money while staying home to care for themselves or their family members. Under the FAMILY Act, employees and employers would create a self-sustaining fund through small shared contributions. Workers could then tap into the fund for a portion of their pay, ensuring that they can pay their bills and contribute to local businesses and the economy.