#WeTweet Wednesday: Send a Message to Congress with a New Site

From our friends at the National Partnership for Women & Families:
Nearly every member of Congress uses Twitter (and most candidates do too). That is why the National Partnership for Women & Families has created this new tool and website – www.WEtweet.org – which offers an easy way to find and tweet at elected officials and those running for office.

Visit www.WEtweet.org, pick the issue that matters most to you, enter your zip code, and then send tweets directed at your members of Congress and candidates. 
Please join on us on Wednesday, October 22nd, on what we’re calling “WEtweet Wednesday,” in an exciting day of action!

Together we can send a clear message to those who seek to represent us: Women matter. Women’s equality matters. #WEmatter.

Check out the site and see how easy it is to tweet your support for fair pay, paid family and medical leave, paid sick days and other issues that matter to women and families. We hope you will share this exciting new tool with your friends, families and neighbors and join the “WEtweet Wednesday” day of action. Together, we’ll make sure that Congress takes notice (and candidates too)!
Please note: Use of this site is for nonpartisan purposes only.
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