We Need You! Help Us Save Homeless Mothers and Children

Niylah, her mother and infant brother came to PathWays PA after they became homeless. At first she was shy and quiet, but since moving into a PathWays PA home, Niylah has flourished. She loves to learn and play and is happier than ever in her new home. Her mother is currently attending GED classes at PathWays PA so she can obtain employment and care for Niylah and her baby brother on her own.

Anthony's family was homeless after their housing became uninhabitable. He and his sisters were separated from their mother until they found refuge with us. Thanks to PathWays PA's Center for Families group residence, Anthony and his sisters are happily reunited with their mother and are living in a safe, loving environment! His mom is working with the staff at PathWays PA to find gainful employment so that she can become self-sufficient and provide safe housing for her family in the future. In the meantime, Anthony is thriving in his new stable and happy home at PathWays PA.

With your support, children like Niylah and Anthony will have a brighter future! Please give now at https://npo.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=23-2001837.

There are many more children like Niylah and Anthony here at PathWays PA whose families have experienced homelessness, neglect and intense fear. With your help and support, these children and families can have hope for a better, safer and more stable future!

It is because of your contributions that we are able to help mothers pave the way to a better family life. All gifts are special and can directly impact a life. From helping a mother further her education and find employment, to providing a loving and nourishing home environment for children; each donation makes a difference by providing opportunities to those who didn't think they had a future.

Thank you for your continued generosity and kindness to the families here at PathWays PA. We can only continue our mission to serve these vulnerable families because of friends like you!

Here's how your gift can help:

$25.00 can provide baby formula to a homeless baby
$50.00 can provide a highchair to a homeless toddler
$250.00 can provide a case of diapers, wipes to a homeless baby
$100.00 can provide a crib and warm blankets to a homeless baby
$300.00 can provide a bed and new linens to a homeless mother or child
$500.00 can feed a homeless mother and 2 children for a month
$750.00 can enroll a low-income parent into computer skills training to help secure future work
$1,000.00 can give GED classes and testing to 5 low-income moms to help with job readiness
$1,500.00 can provide 5 U.S. veterans with services to help ensure successful civilian life
$5,000.00 feeds a homeless mother and child for a year

Please donate to PathWays PA today at https://npo.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=23-2001837.


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