Free Teleclass with Katty Kay on June 24!

Katty Kay and the PA Conference of Women will be hosting an exclusive teleclass on Tuesday, June 24th at 1:00 p.m. EDT. The teleclass will address the following question: Why so few women - even women who have achieved unprecedented success in the public and private sectors - lack the self-assurance that drives many of their male colleagues?

In this teleclass, Kay will explore:

  • Is confidence more important than competence?
  • What are women doing, or learning, wrong?
  • Can we blame our parents?
  • Does perfectionism impede confidence?
  • Is bravado confidence? Do we have to be jerks to be confident?
  • How important is it really to live our lives?
  • Is it possible to get more out of it? Even late in life?
To register, click here. Call-in details will be sent in your confirmation upon registration.

Tweet highlights during the calling to @PennWomen with the hashtag #pennwomen.


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