Spread the Word About TalkPoverty.org

The Half in Ten Education Fund this week launched www.talkpoverty.org a new blog and website to educate the public on poverty and solutions to dramatically reduce it.

Please help spread the word! Here are some sample tweets you could share with your networks.
  • Visit TalkPoverty.org: A must see for stories & solutions to build a stronger anti #poverty movement. #talkpoverty @talkpoverty
  • Visit TalkPoverty.org & follow @talkpoverty for Real People, Real Stories, & Real Solutions. #talkpoverty
  • Check out new TalkPoverty.org website & read contributions @tomcolicchio @sr_simone & @gregkaufmann contributions @TalkPoverty
In addition to the blog, the site also includes: 


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