#SafeWomenSucceed Tweet Chat Today at 2:00 pm

From our friends at the National Partnership for Women and Families.

No one should have to choose between staying employed and staying safe.

Join the National Partnership for Women & Families (@NPWF), Half in Ten (@halfinten), Futures Without Violence (@WithoutViolence), Legal Momentum (@LegalMomentum), National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (@endsxlviolence) and National Network to End Domestic Violence (@nnedv) for a tweet chat on Today, May 15th at 2:00 pm about the intersection of economic security and domestic violence and sexual assault.

Hashtag #SafeWomenSucceed. Sample tweets below:
  • No one should have to choose bw staying employed & staying safe. Let's talk about DV/SA & economic security 5/15 @ 2pmET #SafeWomenSucceed
  • Join the discussion about domestic & sexual violence & economic security 5/15 @ 2pmET #SafeWomenSucceed #talkpoverty #paidsickdays


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