Philadelphia Pregnancy Accommodations Law is Going Into Effect

The latest change to the Fair Practices Ordinance in Philadelphia is a win for PathWays PA, the Coalition for Healthy Families and Workplaces, and of course for pregnant women working in Philadelphia. Under the additional legislation, which was signed by Mayor Nutter in January 2014, employees who are pregnant or recently gave birth can ask for reasonable workplace accommodations without fear of losing their jobs.

Under the law, those requests might include asking for bathroom or rest breaks, access to water, assistance lifting items or re-assignment with manual labor duties, for example.

Employers in Philadelphia are required to post notification of the law by April 20. The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations has issued a poster that offers a plain-language explanation of the law. A downloadable electronic copy of the poster is available on the PCHR web site. Hard copies are available at the PCHR office and area chambers of commerce also have agreed to help their members obtain hard-copy posters.

The poster is in English, but other languages and related brochures will be made available shortly. For details about the law and its requirements, visit or call (215) 686-4670.

Thanks to the PCHR for information on this bill and its notifications.


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