Contact Your State Legislator and Ask Them to Protect Victims of Violence!

From our Friends at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Contact your legislator and ask that they vote "YES" to House Bill 1796 (Nuisance Ordinances). Victims of a crime should never be punished for seeking help from those who are charged to serve and protect.

Victims of domestic violence and other crimes are being evicted from their homes as a result of seeking protection from law enforcement or emergency services. This scenario is possible through municipalities adopting nuisance ordinances requiring landlords to evict an individual deemed a nuisance if police are called to the residence on multiple occasions (usually three times in a 12-month period). If a landlord does not evict the tenant, they will face fines and penalties-such as revocation of their rental license. At least 19 Pennsylvania communities-including Pittsburgh, Allentown, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre and York-as well as 59 other U.S. municipalities have similar laws that require an eviction when police are called to a home on multiple occasions.

Please contact your State legislator and ask them to support H.B 1796.


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