Reclaiming Our Democracy: An Evening on Civic Engagement and Community Advocacy with Sam Daley-Harris

Activist and author Sam Daley-Harris has helped thousands of ordinary citizens transform from hopelessness into extraordinarily powerful advocates.
This fall, Mr. Daley-Harris released the 20th anniversary edition of Reclaiming Our Democracy, his seminal classic on the topic of community engagement and advocacy. In it he shares how he and the citizen advocacy organizations he has founded (RESULTS and the Microcredit Summit Campaign) or coached (Citizens Climate Lobby) have been leading change-makers in three global movements: 1) microfinance, 2) child survival, and 3) climate change. He joins Witnesses to Hunger on Tuesday, November 19th to discuss his experiences and engage in dialogue about community-based work at Drexel University.

Tuesday, November 19th
Mitchell Auditorium
Bossone Research Center
3140 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Other speakers at this event include:

  • Dr. Mariana Chilton, Associate Professor in Drexel's School of Public Health and Director of the Center for Hunger-Free Communities A Witness to Hunger, part of a community-based participatory advocacy group out of Drexel's Center for Hunger-Free Communities
  • Jennifer Johnson Kebea, Director of the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement
  • Donna DeCarolis, Dean of the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship


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