Tell The Government Where You Stand on the Shutdown

From our friends at the Coalition on Human Needs
End the Shutdown - Stop the Meltdown
An Urgent Call for Your Help 
The federal government has been partly shut for more than a week. Federal workers are prevented from doing their jobs. People are not getting services: Head Start, youth programs, mental health, emergency food... Inspections of food imports are way down; public health risks are up. And the unthinkable is being threatened by the House leadership: federal default on its debts and obligations if they don't get their way.
Your voice is needed NOW:
Call your Representative: Tell him/her to end the shutdown and stop an economic meltdown.
Call toll-free: 1-888-659-9562 Wednesday - Friday, October 9 - 11
We really are heading towards a crisis - tell us you care, and will act.
Suggested message when you call:
As your constituent, I want you to act NOW to end the government shutdown and prevent the economic catastrophe of a government default, without conditions. Please vote to restore funding for all of the services that families count on and to protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps.
When you call, you'll be asked your zip code, and you'll be connected automatically to your Rep's office - simple!
We are so grateful to the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) for making this toll-free number available!

Here is why your call is so important:
• Public opinion polls show the public strongly opposes the government shutdown. So House members who have voted to shut down government by tying de-funding or delay of the health care law to a stopgap spending bill are worried. Calls from constituents like you will make them very worried. They will press their leadership to stop the shutdown.
• The House leaders have been trying to divide and placate public concerns by passing a dozen bills that would fund popular programs. Representatives need to hear from constituents that this piecemeal approach is unacceptable. We need all of government working. A simple vote on a short-term spending bill with NO riders or conditions will do that. Show your Rep you want a real solution, not a PR offensive.
• We are about 10 days away from catastrophe: the federal government prevented from paying its bills and debts. The Treasury Department and respected economists call that the road to economic catastrophe and deep, dark recession. So far, the government shutdown has not stopped payment of Social Security checks or Medicaid/Medicare/food stamp benefits. But if the federal government does not have enough money to pay its bills, no cuts are exempt. Your Rep has to hear how strongly you feel that default MUST be prevented - NOW, with no conditions.
Your call is needed no matter who your Rep. is. If your Rep. favors a clean funding bill without conditions, it helps them to be able to cite strong constituent support. If he/she voted for the shutdown, you need to hold them accountable. Your call reinforces the message coming from multiple polls that voters oppose these tactics.
How your rep voted: On the key vote tying a short-term extension of spending to de-funding of the Health Care Law, votes were mostly along party lines. All Republicans except Rigel (R-VA) voted for it (he opposes short-term spending bills); All Democrats except Matheson (D-NC) and Matheson (D-UT) voted against (they opposed the health care law).
How does the government shutdown affect Hill office's phones? We've been making lots of calls and we mostly get through. It's possible you'll get voicemail. Leave a message. The alternative is silence - a bad choice.
Please forward the request to call widely. And please don't forget - we need you to call.
Learn more:
CHN's Federal Shutdown Impacts.
Government Shutdown Followed by Economic Meltdown? from CHN's October 7 Human Needs Report.
Please forward this widely! Thanks!!


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