The Journey Continues for 2 Boys Walking Across America to Spread the Work about Human Trafficking!

Jay Atlas (son of PathWays PA employee Rosemarie Whiteley) and childhood friend Shannon Sprowal are partway through their journey on a walking route from Atlantic City to Los Angeles to bring attention to the horrors of human trafficking.

The pair left Atlantic City on July 15 with just $21 in their pocket and 50 lbs. of gear on each of their backs. The brothers, as they call themselves, are carrying perishable food, a tent, a red sharpie and an "End Human Trafficking" sign. They travel about 30 miles per day and plan to reach Los Angeles by the end of October. 

You can stay up-to-date on their journey through their Facebook page, Long Road to Freedom and Twitter @KeepsJayWalking.

PathWays PA is a proud partner of the Philadelphia Anti Trafficking Coalition that works to bring awareness to the Greater Philadelphia area about human trafficking and works with legislators and law enforcement to stop those involved in the human trafficking world.


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