PathWays PA and Elected Officials Launch HereosPath!

With the help of Representatives Adolph, Hackett, Miccarelli and Senator Pileggi, $200,000 has been appropriated in the budget to launch our veterans outreach program, HeroesPath.

There are currently about 38,000 veterans living in Delaware County, which is the sixth highest concentration of veterans in Pennsylvania. The program will serve as a pilot to help veterans and their families throughout the region find educational opportunities, financial strategies, and support services.

The program will serve as a primary source for all employment training and opportunities available in the area for veterans and assist them in transitioning into their new roles as civilian employees. PathWays PA is excited to embark on this new endeavor with the assistance of the local community leaders and elected officials.

If you are interested in learning more or participating ib the program, please contact Lyn Kugel at:


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