Contact Senators Casey and Toomey-Ask Them to Support Full Funding for HUD!

The full Senate may consider the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies (THUD) bill, S.1243, as early as tomorrow, Tuesday, July 23. The bill will need significant support to get considered on the floor and then to pass the Senate.

S. 1243, increases funding for HOME, CDBG, Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers, programs that a companion House bill would reduce considerably. It is important that the Senate negotiators enter the conference committee from a position of strength. Both Pennsylvania’s senators are needed.

Click Here, select "Take Action Today on THUD Bill" and ask Senators Casey and Toomey to:
  • Support consideration of the bill by the full Senate
  • Make a floor statement about the importance of HUD programs
  • Oppose amendments to reduce funding or harm programs 
  • Support S.1243.


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