Learn More About the Federal Comp Time Bill!

The Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013 (H.R. 1406) is a smoke-and-mirrors bill that offers a pay cut for workers without any guaranteed flexibility or time off to care for their families or themselves.

The bill's supporters claim H.R. 1406 would give hourly workers more flexibility and time with their loved ones by allowing them to choose paid time off, rather than time-and-a-half wages, as compensation for working more than 40 hours in one week ("comp time"). But the irony is that workers will only get more time with their families after they've spent long hours away at work. And there is nothing in H.R. 1406 that guarantees that workers will be able to use the comp time they have earned when they need it.

The next step for the bill is floor consideration, which is expected in the second week of May. Please read the letter and sign on in opposition.


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