Tell HCAN Your Prescription Drug Story

If you or a loved one is forced to stretch medication doses and leave prescriptions unfilled, please tell your story so HCAN can explain how Americans would benefit from lower drug prices. 

Cutting benefits won’t reduce the deficit, it will just shift costs to seniors, people with disabilities, their families and the states.

Instead of cutting benefits, Congress should cut waste by letting Medicare use its vast purchasing power to bargain with prescription drug companies and drive down prices. That will save $112 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

That’s why across the country, seniors, people with disabilities and families are struggling to afford their medicines, resorting to stretching doses and leaving prescriptions unfilled.

Right now, insurers, hospitals and the Department of Veterans Affairs all bargain with pharmaceutical companies for lower drug costs. But Congress won't let Medicare use its buying power to reduce drug costs for seniors and people with disabilities.


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