This post is from our friends at MomsRising.  Our thoughts at this time are with all those affected by the shooting in Connecticut, and with all those whose lives have been changed by violence.  
We are beyond heartbroken as we think of the kindergarteners and others that died today in Connecticut. Today is the 3rd day this week when there's been a mass shooting in our nation.

We are parents. Many NRA members are parents. And none of us want to live in a nation where children are gunned down. #Todayistheday for the NRA and for Congress to step up and start proposing laws that protect children and all people.

*Sign on to our open letter to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and to Congress urging them to make today the last day that they block common-sense gun regulations that protect all of our families:


It's time to put kids and common-sense first. One long-time NRA member just emailed us this message:

"I started crying when I heard about the elementary school shootings in Connecticut. I'm a proud grandma of two preschoolers. I look at my grandchildren and think 'there but for the grace of God go they.' "

"I'm a card-carrying member of the NRA. I'm from West Virginia. I'm a proud hunter and a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. And I firmly believe that the NRA must act to help make sure this madness ends. No one needs an assault weapon for hunting. Period. We have to work together for common-sense solutions. We can have both a 2nd Amendment and make sure our school children are safe."
-- Dee, West Virginia

Today is the day to stand up for kids and families.

Today is the day for the NRA and for Congress to start promoting common-sense gun regulations that protect each and every member of our nation, from our smallest to tallest.

Together, we're a powerful force,

Kristin, Joan, Mary, Donna, Julie, Sarah F, Claire, Monifa, Gloria, Ashley, Anita, Ruth, Sarah H., Jane, Charlie, Anayah, Dream, and the entire MomsRising.org team


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