Do you know your Consumer Rights? Reach out for HELP

Not sure if you need a lawyer?
Call HELP: MLP to see if you qualify for free legal help with your housing, utilities, public benefits, credit, or debt problem.

Have you:
1. Stopped answering your phone because of collectors?
2. Received bills for something you already paid?
3. Found an error on your credit report?
4. Been denied a loan modification for your home?
5. Been denied public benefits?

Intake Hours: Tuesdays: 9-5 Call: (610) 497-7395 or, e-mail Jordan anytime at:

More information can be found on our website:
Health, Education, and Legal Assistance Project A Medical-Legal Partnership at Widener University School of Law (HELP: MLP) Community Hospital
2600 W. 9th Street Chester, Pennsylvania 19013


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