Voter ID Blitz Day!

From our friends at SEIU

Wednesday August 29th, 12 pm
PennDOT Office at 8th and Arch

Stand Together and Protect the Right To Vote!

The Commonwealth has announced that starting the week of August 27th, Pennsylvania residents who are unable to obtain the necessary documentation for a standard PennDOT ID will be able to request a free Department of State photo ID card for voting purposes only at any PennDOT Driver’s License Center.

On Wednesday August 29th we will be sending volunteers to PennDOT locations to assist people with getting an ID. We hope to help as many people as possible, to raise awareness of any problems that occur, and—if the process is significantly flawed—to try to block the photo ID law in court.

If you need an ID for voting, but have been unable to get one because you do not have a
birth certificate or other necessary documentation,
or if you what to make sure all Pennsylvanians can vote,
Join Us!

For more info, contact SEIU toll-free at (855) 4PA-VOTE or


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