Voter ID Law Goes to Court

This Wednesday a group of voting rights groups, led by the ACLU, will be seeking an injunction from Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court to prevent the state from enforcing the Voter ID law. The ACLU and its allies will argue that the law will prevent legally registered voters who are unable to obtain one of the accepted forms of identification from casting ballots. It's a burden, they have found, that falls disproportionately on groups like the elderly, low income and minorities.

The decision on the case is expected be in 5 to 7 days but no matter the outcome it is likely the case will be appealed to the State Supreme Court.

In addition, the US Justice Department has opened an investigation into Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law. They have requested information so they can evaluation the law’s compliance with the Voting Rights Act and other federal voting rights laws.

If you need more information about obtaining an ID or have questions about the law visit:


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