Countdown To Coverage Event: Being a Woman Will Get Easier on August 1st!

This spring marked the second anniversary of the new health care reform law and Raising Women's Voices of Southeastern Pennsylvania, a coalition PathWays PA is a member of, celebrated by launching the Countdown to Coverage campaign!

This campaign is aimed at helping women understand the concrete ways that the Affordable Care Act is making it easier for women to get the services we need to stay healthy throughout all life stages and across all socioeconomic levels. We are currently counting down to an important milestone for the health care reform law, and more importantly, for women.

Starting on August 1, all new insurance plans will have to start covering important preventative health services for women, such as contraception, screening and counseling for domestic violence, annual well-woman visits, and breastfeeding supports, without charging co-pays. Expensive co-pays are a major barrier for women and can prevent us from getting the care we need.

This preventative care provision will create a powerful tool for improving the health of women and we are so excited to celebrate this victory for women's health!

WHAT: A Visibility to Celebrate and Educate! 
WHEN: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 from Noon to 1pm 
WHERE: The Clothespin Statue on 15th & Market Streets 

During the event, we will be raising public awareness around this important benefit for women by holding up signs and handing out literature to passerbys. Don't worry about bringing anything -- we will provide it all for you.

Please join us for this fun and celebratory event!Don't forget to spread the word to friends!


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