Being a Woman Just Got Easier!

August 1 is an important milestone for health care reform law, and more importantly, for women. Why? Because starting August 1, 2012, the Affordable Care Act is making it easier to be a woman. 

On August 1, all new insurance plans will have to start covering important preventative health care services for women without co-pays, such as…
  • Contraception 
  • Screening and counseling for domestic violence 
  • Annual well-woman visits 
  • Breastfeeding supports, such as counseling and equipment (including rental of breast pumps)
  • Screening for gestational diabetes 
  • HPV testing 
  • STI counseling 
  • HIV screening and counseling 
Expensive co-pays have been a major barrier for women in accessing the care we need. In fact, more than half of women have delayed or avoided preventative care because of its cost.

So many women are not aware of the benefits provided by the preventative health care provision of the Affordable Care Act that will begin to take effect on August 1st. We know that personal stories can be powerful tools for helping others understand the benefits of the health reform. Therefore, Raising Women’s Voices of SEPA is collecting stories so we can help educate women on the real impact health care reform will have on the lives of women everywhere.

Tell Raising Women's Voices how you are going to benefit from the preventative health care provision taking effect on August 1… 

Will you be able to afford birth control that you were previously struggling to afford because of expensive co-pays? 

If you’re a survivor of domestic violence, how will access to counseling without a cost barrier help you? 

If you’re new or expecting mother, how will access to breastfeeding counseling and equipment (including breast pumps) without a co-pay make things easier as a new mom? 

Take a moment to help others understand the impact of health care reform. Share your story.  Fill out Raising Women's Voices Story Form or contact Katherine Lewis of WOMEN’S WAY at or by calling 215-985-0333 ext. 233.

PathWays PA is a member of Raising Women's Voices of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  If you would like to learn more about this Coalition visit:


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