Where Should $1.65 Billion in PA Budget Money Go: To Human Services or a Shell Oil Plant?

From Better Choices for Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is poised to give away an unprecedented cash grant to the second largest company on the planet. The Governor's proposed deal would give Shell Oil up to $1.65 billion over 25 years to build and operate an ethylene cracker plant in Pennsylvania. This giveaway comes as the state prepares to eliminate General Assistance completely and make deep cuts to schools, human services, adult literacy and domestic violence programs.

If you do not approve of this choice, add your name and organization to a sign-on letter to lawmakers voicing concern about the Shell tax break and calling for legislative hearings. This debate is moving quickly--please sign on by 5 PM today.

Sign the letter

Legislators from both parties are raising questions about the deal. But they are under pressure to get the budget done, so it will take a steady drumbeat of questions and criticism from constituents to stop it.

Weigh in to preserve decades of funding that should be going to our schools, human services, adult literacy, job training, and prevention programs. Add your name and organization to our sign-on letter to lawmakers.


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