Too Pregnant for Health Insurance?

 From our friends at PHAN

At the age of 22 Stephanie Perez had completed college, was onto graduate school, healthy and excited to be bringing a new baby girl into this world.

This was 4 years ago - before the Affordable Care Act - so it was perfectly legal when her grandfather, legal guardian, received a letter saying Stephanie would be kicked off his health insurance on her 23rd birthday - the same month her baby was due.

When Stephanie tried to purchase insurance in the private marketplace, she was either denied or companies refused to cover her pre-existing condition: pregnancy.

If the Affordable Care Act were law and all its provisions had been implemented when Stephanie was 23 here is what would be different:
  1. Stephanie would not be denied health insurance coverage due to pregnancy, or any other pre-existing condition.
  2. Stephanie would be able to buy affordable health insurance in the state insurance marketplace, which would have guaranteed maternity and newborn care coverage in every plan.
  3. Stephanie would be able to stay on her guardian's plan until she was 26.

The Supreme Court will announce their decision on the constitutionality of the ACA before the end of June, and we must be ready to stand united for women's health.

Join the Rapid Response Team with PathWays PA and the Pennsylvania Health Access Network, and find out about the actions people will be taking that day to support women's health. Don't wait - Sign up today!


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