Special Budget Alert: June 22, 2012

By now, many of you have heard that a spending number has been set in Harrisburg for the 2012-2013 budget.  What remains to be seen is how the $27.66 billion will be spent.  Here is what we've been hearing:
Please keep an eye on our Policy Blog over the weekend and next week for the latest updates.

As we wait for details, there are many calls for action.  Please make calls on the issues you care about.   


    Earned Income Tax Credit outreach initiatives throughout the state, including our work at PathWays PA, are at risk of losing their funding from DPW in the upcoming fiscal year.

    Over 2000 families filed returns just with PathWays PA this year, giving them access to free, IRS-certified tax services, financial literacy tools, and quick refunds without paying high interest fees.

    Please call your legislator to ask for their support on the Earned Income Tax Credit. You can find their contact information at http://bit.ly/wjYINY. You can use the following language:

    "Outreach around the Earned Income Tax Credit, a program for working families, is at risk in the Department of Public Welfare. Will Senator/Representative X call or write to Secretary Alexander asking for the continuation of the program?"

    You can write a letter in support of the program or visit here to learn more.


    The nationally recognized Industry Partnership program is funded at the same amount in the state budget as last year. However, it also had another funding source last year that is no longer available.

    Workforce PA is looking for a "power surge" of support today, June 22.
    They ask that:
    • If you haven't contacted a legislator, please do so immediately.
    • If you have already contacted a legislator, please contact them again.
    Workforce PA is asking for an additional $6 million as a life-line to IPs. That money will help them operate for another year and is critical for IPs ultimate survival.

    The Governor supports increased revenue - if you do, you can write a letter or email, or learn more here.



    (via The Fair Share Coalition)

    Last week, City Council "held" Bill 120174, which would repeal the Cohen wage tax rebate law. However, they could still choose to pass the bill on June 28. If you support the Cohen wage tax rebate, please visit their Facebook page to take action.


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