Senate To Vote on Budget Proposals Today!

 Remember last week, when the House voted (and passed) a budget that cut Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), education, housing, environmental funding, etc.- all while cutting approximately $10 Trillion in taxes over 10 years?

Today is the Senate's turn - which means that it is your turn to let the Senate know how you feel about the budget bill.

The bill passed by the House of Representatives will over a decade, cut $5.3 trillion from almost every domestic program, including Medicaid, SNAP/food stamps, the Affordable Care Act, education, environment, child care, housing, and more. About two-thirds of the cuts hit low-income people hard. It would permanently strangle the ability of Medicaid and SNAP to respond to economic slumps by turning these programs into block grants with restricted funding. It proposes substantial cuts to Medicare that would kick in after the first ten years.

If you think these programs need to be a priority, take a minute and tell your Senators you want them to vote no on the House budget.

You can also show your Representative you were paying attention to the House's vote last week to pass the Sequester Replacement Act of 2012 (H.R. 5652). The Coalition on Human Needs has complied how each Representative voted and have drafted emails thanking those who voted no and expressing disappointment to those who voted in favor.


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