Voter ID Measure Up For Final Vote on March 7

University at Buffalo voting machineFrom our friends at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.
House Bill 934, the Voter Photo ID bill, is set for final passage tomorrow, March 7th.

Voting is the foundation of our democracy. Everyone deserves the right to elect their leaders!

As the legislation moves closer to being passed by the State Senate, it remains vitally important that ALL STATE SENATORS ARE CONTACTED. Take action now:

The facts:
  • HB 934 will affect over 691,000 voters in our state. It will disenfranchise thousands of senior citizens, disabled, working poor, and students. Anyone without a driver’s license or federally-issued ID cannot vote.
  • If the bill passes, it will cost our state $11 million to implement. Pennsylvania is in a budget crisis. Cuts are being made to vital programs, and we’ve all been told we need to sacrifice. Pennsylvania doesn’t have money to spend on a new government program that just makes it harder to vote. This kind of irresponsible spending has no place in our state.
  • HB 934 is also unnecessary. The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania opposes these bills because they have found no evidence that there is fraudulent voting in the state that showing a photo ID would solve. HB 934 is a government solution in search of a problem that DOESN’T EXIST in Pennsylvania.
  • Get more facts about HB 934 here.


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