Voter ID Bill Passes Senate

From our friends at Vote for Homes:
On Wednesday March 7, 2012, the Senate of Pennsylvania passed the Voter Suppression Bill (House Bill 934) by a vote of 26 to 23. Find out how your PA Senator voter and email him/her to let them know how you feel about their vote (templates provided at this easy to use tool:

The legislation will now go back the State House of Representatives for a concurrence vote since it was amended in the Senate State Government Committee (to include photo ID cards from accredited colleges & universities in PA, 1-year expired PennDOT ID, and photo IDs from care facilities) and in the Senate Appropriations Committee (to include municipal government employee photo ID cards). Afterwards, it will go to Governor Corbett's desk for a final signature. (more details are in this Philadelphia Inquirer article:

We have a lot of work ahead of us to educate the public and ensure that all eligible voters get the ID they will need in order to vote this November. We also expect lawsuit challenges and will need to identify possible plaintiffs to participate to are having a hard time getting their photo ID. We will keep you posted on next steps and how you can get involved in these ongoing efforts to protect our vote.


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