Last Week in Harrisburg

PA Harrisburg 1855 MapThe big news out of Harrisburg last week was that Governor Tom Corbett signed the voter ID bill, which, according to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, will require voters to show photo identification before they can cast a vote in the November general election. By a 104-88 vote the House approved the bill that supporters say will reduce the potential for voter fraud but opponents say will prevent some senior citizens and low-income people without ID from voting. “I am signing this bill because it protects a sacred principle, one shared by every citizen of the nation. That principle is: One person, one vote,” Corbett said. As for threats of lawsuits from opponents, Corbett said, “The law is passed. If someone challenges it, we will defend it.” Click here to read the Pittsburgh Tribune Review article. Click here to read previous posts about the bill.


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